Au dessus des nuages


Lifting the Curtain

Graphic Bundle 07/10

(Published on 2020-11-01)

In these highly disruptive times of reconfinement, I’m pursuing my conceptual retro-prospective with the three web modules published during the "international year of light 2015", which, after two years of introduction to the fundamental principles of user experience optimization (2013) in a franchise-enabled network environment (2014), aimed both at lifting the curtain (Dashfolio 2015 [1]) on the economic (Gridfolio [2]) and societal model (Rightsfolio [3]) of self-governance ruling Planet+Ultra®, and at paving the way for the great consolidation - as from 2016 - of all building blocks into a proof of concept pertaining to the "NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising solution for societal R&D".Continue reading