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Welcome (Back) to the Mastercube

This eighth edition of my self-hosted author gateway will remain dedicated this year to the second part of the graphic remastering process that I launched in 2019 in the intermission context of the parallel instruction of my request for funding to the administrative and judicial instances which I have been soliciting since 2005.

Reporting Perimeters

The budgetary balance on Planet+Ultra® is built upon a conceptual separation of our spacetimes of work and leisure, whose matrix-based optimization enables to lay the groundwork for a durably renewable Webfolio-sustained life project reporting dashboard.

Net+Ultra® Dashboard

Conceptual Reporting:

Working Time

Production Assets:

Leisure Time

Consumption Liabilities:

Private Spaces

In terms of optimizing our private spaces, the user experience inside the web-enabled master franchising system for societal R&D is conceived so as to enable each franchised user to achieve a better quality of professional and personal life.

Time for Oneself

Intelligent Design:

Colleagues, Partners

Profolio Configuration:

Family, Relatives

Groupfolio Configuration:

Public Spaces

The virtual and physical spaces of our public domains are secured through the system’s feedback forums, which serve to establish - at each franchise service level - conceptual relationships between prospective members and franchised solutions providers.

Time for Others

Intelligent Feedback:

Prospects, Customers

Netfolio Level:

Friends, Acquaintances

Starter Level:


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