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On Planet+Ultra®, the child’s Unified Conceptual Declaration is created and managed by the parents, and progressively transmitted to the school student as part of its education (source:

Each of my webpages includes a redirection to my confidentiality agreement, which summarizes these Terms of Use.

The access to the master franchising system is secured through entirely geo-localized websites right upon network entry at the Externet+ level.

Required in emails as a basic rule of civility.

The subscriber’s identity will be authenticated during his·her registration.

This information will be collected automatically through the national ID card number right upon network entry at the Externet+ level.

This type of information enables the identification of linguistic competences inside the network.

Standard ISPs usually provide a dynamic IP address by default. As a provider of professional web services, OVH France assigns a static IP address.

In case of doubt, please ask your ISP.

Enables to verify the adequacy of your equipment with the requirements of the Extranet+ level, as introduced in the header, footer and sidebar areas of the present web form.

At each network level of knowledge and competence integration, NetPlusUltra® refers to a matrix-enabled, process-oriented collaborative environment.

The master franchising system will be enabled to verify this information automatically (in real time), as soon as it is operational.

In terms of authorized download sources. Please read the specifications of step 5 at as a reminder.

Required for the purpose of facial recognition.

Video-calling and messaging identifier.

This user ID will be provided by your master-franchised web services provider.

For example:

For example:

Please read the specifications of step 7 at as a reminder.

As defined by the conceptual (proprietary) nomenclature developed in my Dashfolio-based weblog.

As required for registration. Please visit my dedicated module at

Since the present pre-registration form is covered by the same ToU as my other contact points, please do not use it to send me unsolicited advertising messages.